Sunday, October 14, 2007


It was October 5, 2007 and I have a flight to Kalibo at 3:00 p.m. to attend to my Uncle’s funeral. However, I promised my son to cover their affair, a school play in English subject entiled "Mushroom in the Rain". I have been asking his teacher and some parents to contact me as to what help we could provide. To make the story short, I decided to go on undertime to attend to my son’s last day practice then help straighten things out. Unlike full time parents or housewife, both me and my wife are working. Nevertheless, I offered my services and shelled out a little cash from our savings to make things move, out of the meager resources we have for the production.

Producing a number is costly. Lightings, props, design and choreography are not easy things to do and it needs a budget. I admire the parents as they were the ones who pushed for their children's props and everything. A class split into three groups becomes a contest with the parents trying to make the best for their children's talents to pour out. It’s not a love hate relationship between parents or teacher for such hasty preparation, which snowballed into a contest. It was just that some parents wanted to know what really was it is all about in this project which turned into a contest. It doesn’t mean, however, that we hate whosoever. It's just that some dislikes surprises. After all, its the parents that shells out for whatever expenses for the kids. It only means that we wanted to know what really is the objective of the project that turned into a contest. It’s water under the bridge anyway, so we did the most of what we can for both children and parents alike and it turned successful anyway.

Mushroom in the rain is a story of how five beings (animals and insects) sheltered under a mushroom to keep them dry and warm. It tells us a story of how they cooperate with each other to give room to one another so that they can all fit into the mushroom to save them from getting wet. It is the message of the story that counts most and we hope that our children shall internalize the lesson behind the play, aside of course, from building their self-confidence and to develop their talents. It’s about cooperation, giving and sharing. It was providential, as the site we developed for our relatives and friends in Aklan upon my return was a documentary dealing with the subject of giving and helping the disabled children of the Aklan Elementary School II Special Education Center, in honor of my late Uncle Napoleon Arrieta.

Father Albert N. Delvo, to whom we made missions before, may have been busy taking care of the Schools under the Diocese's supervision. We, however, move on continuing with the vision we have been espousing almost five years ago about this digital technology, now becoming a reality.

In our simple way, we would like to share among the parents, this humble presentation of our children. "Mushroom in the Rain" in You Tube:

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