Saturday, September 8, 2007


Our role as parents does not end after sending our kids to school each day. As their mind begins to mold, they start to learn appreciating things from what they see, hear or what others do - they begin to wonder what parenting means to their lives, environment and community. Let us give them what they deserve by joining hands for their betterment. Let us let them realize that responsible parenting does not end at home, but extends and continues beyond the four corners of their classroom.

The present trend of technological advancement today poses a threat to our children's future and we cannot do away with this reality. Communication so fast and efficient if used by others to exploit our children's mind if given opportunity, shall take away our children from us, without us even knowing it. On the other hand, technology also proposes an opportunity that can be taken advantage before it's too late.

It is in this regard that I accepted the challenge to be nominated and elected as President of the Home Room Class of Section II-A (Diocese of Lucena), Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School of Camarin. With me is Cristina San Juan as Treasurer and Sally Madelo as our Secretary. Higher interest dictates that we share whatever God given talents we have for the benefit of many.

Let us join hand by actively participating in this project, by posting our comments and sharing our ideas for the better future of our children. Let us join hand in this project entitled : "The Homeroom Project" of OLLCS. Let us show to our children and all the children in the world what parenting means irregardless of distance. This is may be one of its kind in a school, in our country, and even the whole world, which we should be proud of as a Pilipino. Join us in this journey . . . a journey to the future. Let us start with a step and let God lead us the way.



The production cost of this project is for free. However, we welcome any donation you may give directly to the Treasurer of the Homeroom representative of the Diocese of Lucena, to be duly accounted for, as our seed money for whatever projects we shall undertake in the future. We also welcome sponsors for this site which will be promoted to thousands of viewers in other sites including site designs, announcements or special events, the proceeds of which shall form part of the funds of the Diocese of Lucena. You may contact the author of this site. Hoping for your benevolent support.