Monday, October 1, 2007

JILLIANE Daniele's 7th Birthday

My son Michael was invited by his classmate, Julliane, on her 7th Birthday on September 30, 2007. I met with other parents, whose children attended the party.

As most parents do, we usually celebrate our children's Baptism, 1st and 7th Birthday with a Bang! As our children enjoys the party, we were talking about their presentation this October. I was informed that it has turned into a contest between the four groups of Grade 2 pupils. They told me that it was not actually intended to be a contest among the Grade 2 pupils, the intention was only to prepare them for a school presentation. I wonder if it was really part of the scheduled activity as the children's main activity.

With the cost of living today, every activity needs a corresponding budget. Even assignments should be given in advance if possible, especially those that needs to be bought or which is not right away available at home. I hope they realize that working parents usually goes home late, in fact they work double time just to make both ends meet and at the same time attend their children's needs in school. To some, they work almost on three shifts a day! It's good that there is now this internet, which teachers, students, parents and even school officials can interact to communicate for the betterment of all.

As early as three years ago, I was envisioning a cyber space for the children of Our Lady of Lourdes with the advent of digital technology. It's good the Sacred Heart, where Jose Mathew, Michael's elder brother already has their own. Mathew's the administrator of one of the sites. For one reason or another, however, years of painstaking documentation, which I intend to upload with this present technology halted for reasons beyond our control. God, however, has His own way of making things happen. A good and noble advocacy always finds it way to see the light of day, its just a matter perseverance.

Now, part of it has been realized. Children and parents alike even their relatives and friends worlwide can readily view their activities.

Herewith is a part of the video we took from Jilliane's Birthday, in You Tube: